Our Purpose, Vision, Values, and Leadership Principles

We are writing the next chapter of our history at Kraft Heinz. Just as a compass provides guidance and clarity, together our Purpose, Vision, Values, and Leadership Principles chart our collective course. They set and establish our new direction, serving as a "north star" for the Company. Consumers are at the center of everything we do – from the quality of our world-class iconic brands to our commitment to the communities where we live, work, and do business. They remind our employees, individually and as a team, why the work we do each day matters.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is an inspiring call to action – our reason to exist. It reminds us, day in and out, why we're here. After all, we are a food and beverage company – one whose products and brands spark joy, bring people together, and create memorable moments for people across the globe. With dedication and passion, we provide consumers and their families with products they know, love and trust. Quite simply, we help feed the world – and we do it deliciously.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is a simple internal declaration of what we aspire to do. It points the way to where want to go as a Company, and what we plan to achieve in the years ahead. It makes our ambition clear – and underlying it is the concept of growth. We intend to grow consistently drive both top- and bottom line growth. We will do it sustainably – delivering growth financially year over year, while also doing it the right way by caring for the environment and communities where we live and work.

By delighting consumers – making them happy by meeting and exceeding what they need, want and desire when it comes to flavor and taste – we will drive brand equity and loyalty. And when more consumers feel this way, we will be able to increase our brand penetration and volume. And we plan to do this globally, extending our products' reach around the world and within our Zones.

Our Values

We walk in our Purpose by living our Values. These six core beliefs bring our Purpose to life. They make up our common language, define our shared culture – and reflect the Company we're working to become each day.

Each of our six Values start with WE – a commitment our people make to each other and to consumers around the world. Being one of the world's leading food and beverage companies is a privilege – and a huge responsibility. Times and tastes may change, but the core Values that shape who we are never will.

We are consumer obsessed.

We are a company of food lovers, and our brands hold a unique place in the hearts and homes of our consumers. We work every day to earn their loyalty and love. Our consumers are at the center of everything we do, and we are building a culture of creativity to anticipate and respond to their future needs, delivering appetizing food across our brands.

We dare to do better every day.

We are on a journey of continuous improvement, constantly challenging the status quo. Our curiosity ensures we are constantly learning and working to be better than we were yesterday. Our commitment to efficiency enables us to courageously invest in our business and fuel growth.

We champion great people.

We are a meritocracy. Attracting, nurturing and developing talent is our top priority. Great people have the vision to see what must be done, and the courage to do it. As a company we are only as great as the quality of our teams. Our people make the difference.

We demand diversity.

We are inclusive. All voices matter. We will not just listen, but truly work to hear different points of view. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives make us stronger, more interesting, more innovative.

We do the right thing.

We lead with honesty and integrity. We will always do right by our customers, partners, suppliers and the communities we serve. We actively care about our environment, creating high quality, responsibly manufactured products.

We own it.

We are accountable. We act as owners each day, showing commitment and belief in our cause, making decisions and treating this business as if it were our own. We take responsibility for our actions and results, in the pursuit of building something together far bigger than ourselves.

Our Leadership Principles

Our Leadership Principles

Our Leadership PrinciplesWork as a Team, Inspire Excellence, and Navigate Our Future – serve as a roadmap on how we will deliver results and activate our Values. These three Principles are interconnected and always are directly in relationship to each other. It's up to all Kraft Heinz employees to develop our leadership skills, regardless of our job title or level within the Company. We recognize that strong leaders don't just happen – they must be developed in order for us to grow our global business, grow high-performing people and teams, and live out our Value, We champion great people.

We are on an amazing journey of transformation – one where we are obsessed with winning in a real, enduring way. The Leadership Principles help us to speak with one voice about HOW we win. By bringing these Principles to life, we will become more creative, more agile, more efficient – and better able to WIN the future.