Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We aim to have women fill 50% of our global management positions by 2025.


We aim to have 30% of our salaried U.S. employee population identify as people of color by 2025.


Corporate Highlights

At Kraft Heinz, we believe that everyone should have a seat at the table. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace because we believe that it makes us stronger, more thoughtful, and more innovative. We are committed not only to listening to different points of view, but also to truly hearing them. By embracing diverse perspectives, we can make better decisions and create products that are enjoyed by consumers all over the world.

To ensure we continually improve, we collect data and feedback from a wide range of sources to inform our initiatives. This information helps us to identify areas where we can improve and develop data-driven plans to drive progress. As a result, we have established strategies to promote diverse hiring, retention, development, and advancement to support our global aspirations. By taking these steps, we create a workplace where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and respected.

We recognize the importance of learning and training opportunities to foster understanding and appreciation of diversity among our employees. As part of this commitment, we have introduced development initiatives such as interrupting bias in our Organizational People Review process to help managers identify and address unconscious bias in their assessments and ensure fair evaluations. Additionally, in our global program, The Heart of Kraft Heinz, we include a module which focuses on our value of We demand diversity and emphasizes the significance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and equips our employees with tools and resources to create a more inclusive environment. We believe these learning and training opportunities are integral to our commitment to build a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming workplace.

We have made significant progress in our diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) journey. We have established a solid foundation of awareness across the organization, celebrated numerous impactful achievements, and educated and trained our leaders to be inclusive. We have created a nurturing community, spotlighted exemplary leaders from all backgrounds, and expanded a team of practitioners across our global footprint. We are proud of our progress, but we know that there is still more work to be done. We are committed to continuing our journey and creating a workplace where everyone can thrive.

To ensure accountability and drive real organizational change, our Global Inclusion Council is a key part of our commitment to DEI&B. Chaired by our CEO, Miguel Patricio, this cross-functional group of leaders is responsible for creating the strategy, providing governance, oversight, and reporting on our DEI&B efforts and initiatives. By having this council in place, we ensure that Kraft Heinz consistently endeavors to make progress towards our DEI&B goals and that we remain accountable for our progress.

In 2022, we focused on allyship, storytelling, and action to advance our work to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We continue to push ourselves to expand our impact across geographical regions while being thoughtful about the multiple definitions of diversity throughout the world. We also participated in the Women in the Workplace Study sponsored by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company, which reviewed our talent pipeline data as well as policies and practices to help gauge our best practice opportunities. Furthermore, we are proud to be included in the Global Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and supporting gender equality throughout the organization.

We firmly believe that cultivating a truly inclusive culture is critical to our success. We continue to work towards our stated aspirations and hold ourselves accountable for our progress. By year end, we achieved our 2022 objectives, increasing by two percentage points both our Global Women in Management Aspiration and our US Race/Ethnicity Aspiration. Furthermore, we improved our global engagement score for all of our key inclusion drivers including “Opinions Count,” “Belonging,” and “Inclusive Leaders,” moving us closer to our 2025 goal of placing in the top quartile among our peers. We will build upon this success and strive for more aspirations for countries where we operate, utilizing similar data collection efforts.

Additionally, we understand the importance of verifying our inclusion aspirations by collecting data from our employees through our regular engagement surveys. We will also verify our aspirations through external recognition surveys and indices. This approach will ensure our inclusion aspirations are aligned with the experiences of our employees. We are committed to creating a more inclusive workplace and believe this approach will help to achieve our goals.

1 This is on our journey toward our ultimate aspiration of 31%. National average of population who identify as ethnic minorities is 14% across the U.K. and 40% within London. The aspiration is based on a weighted average of the split between our populations in our London office and our U.K factories.

Creating and Executing a Global Strategy

In our second year, we made significant progress on our multi-year DEI&B strategy which focused on four key areas: Representation, Communication & Learning, Culture, and Communities to bring our We demand diversity value to life.

Annual Day of Service

We celebrated our third annual Kraft Heinz Day of Service on June 20, 2022, to honor and commemorate Juneteenth as a time for reflection, education, and action that is now a part of our annual calendar for both our U.S. and Canada employees. Employees listened to a conversation with Marcus Samuelsson, Award-Winning Chef, Restaurateur, Author, and Co-Owner of Red Rooster, who shared his career journey and experience raising money for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) through a Steps Challenge. The North America Sales team showed up in a big way across the country by giving back in honor of Juneteenth, which included the creation of a leadership video shared company-wide. Additionally, our Newberry plant hosted their 2nd Annual Juneteenth celebration with 30 employee and family volunteers engaging with the local community.

We also sponsored the second year of a lunch and learn to honor the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. Additionally, our International Zone hosted multiple days of service to support local communities.

Ownerversity Day

We hosted our third annual Ownerversity Day, a 24-hour global learning event designed to bring our entire Kraft Heinz family together to make time for learning. Our 2022 theme was “The Power of WE: My Difference Makes a Difference” and we offered a variety of immersive and engaging sessions focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. These sessions:

  • Helped employees enhance their understanding of the unique lived experiences of colleagues and celebrate what makes them unique;
  • Introduced the concept of inclusive design thinking for employees to leverage in their routines and rituals to make them fair, equitable, and unbiased;
  • Encouraged employees to be the change they wish to see in the world through their everyday choices and actions that, when done together, create a ripple effect of change.

Employee Development

To help diversify our internal pipeline, we continue to invest in the development of our employees’ skills, knowledge, and abilities to help them perform their jobs more effectively and contribute to Kraft Heinz’s success. In 2022, we introduced two of McKinsey & Company’s award-winning leadership academies specifically designed for people of color: the Management Accelerator and Executive Leadership programs. These programs create psychologically safe spaces for leaders to unpack diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges and become more impactful in their careers.

We also piloted NextUp Soar program to give Associate Director level and above employees a career boost by elevating their executive skills and leadership goals. Participants learned skills to prepare them for growth, strengthen their influence, and inspire action and engagement by hearing from thought leaders and industry experts on the frontlines of a changing world. In China, we hosted an inaugural Women’s Leadership Day to celebrate the achievements of women in leadership roles and encourage the next generation of female leaders.

In its third year, the Women’s Empowerment Network accelerator program, which is designed to bring clarity to the skills needed to advance, graduated a cohort of 28 global participants. The program focuses beyond leadership skills to the whole person; it is designed to feed mind, body, and spirit. It helps participants understand they are not defined only by what they do, but also by who they are, and the potential they can unleash when they believe in themselves.

Community Support

Since 2020, our Glenview R&D Community Champions have leveraged their expertise and capabilities in STEM, culinary, nutrition, and project management to improve their local community and provide employees with an opportunity to connect through a passion for service. In 2022, they hosted and participated in a number of service initiatives including partnerships with Lasagna Love and Humble Design to assist clients exiting homelessness, Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences for STEM and Career education, Chicago American Chemical Society Chemistry Day to inspire future scientists, and Glenview Sunrise Rotary Annual Hero Hustle to raise funds for community grants.


Inclusive recruiting is a key focus for us. As We dare to do better every day, a diverse workforce can help lead to increased innovation, productivity, and profitability. As such, we continue to review our partnerships to provide a welcoming and inclusive workplace for all. In 2022, we added and enhanced partnerships with the following organizations as examples:

DisabilityIN: The leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. They aim to create an inclusive global economy where people with disabilities participate fully and meaningfully.

Sister Circle: Black Women in Tech: A solidarity group dedicated to supporting the work of Black Women in the technology industry from across the diaspora.

Chronically Capable: Works to remove the fear and stigma of living with chronic illness or disability from the hiring process. They create a tacit understanding between employers and jobseekers: Employers who are part of the network believe that people living with chronic illness or disability are capable of being productive employees and jobseekers who use the platform can feel secure that participating employers care about their success.

Bright Network: Connects the next generation with the opportunities, insights and advice to succeed as the workforce of tomorrow.

National Student Pride: Celebrates LGBTQI+ identities through conversation, and by connecting students to employers who can support them throughout their working life.

10,000 Interns Foundation: Provides paid internships for Black students and graduates through the 10,000 Black Interns program, and paid internships for disabled students and graduates of all ethnicities through the 10,000 Able Interns program across a range of U.K. industries.

Fostering Inclusion

Creating an environment in which all employees feel valued, respected, and heard is a fundamental component of our strategy and one which we achieve through educational opportunities. We hosted a number of events throughout 2022, including global celebrations for International Women’s Day, Global Pride, and International Day for Persons with Disabilities. Annually, our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) lead significant events for employees related to their respective cultural, identity, or heritage communities including Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, Latin American/Hispanic Heritage Month, and more. We also introduced a Religious Holiday Communications Plan into the annual DEI&B Observance Calendar to acknowledge these important moments for employees.

In the development of our new Canada headquarters, we aligned to our Purpose, Let’s Make Life Delicious, and our Values particularly around We Champion Great People and We Demand Diversity to bring these Values to life in spaces and places across the office. Our accessibility and wellness features of the office include a gender-neutral universal washroom, a wellness space for meditation or prayer, a parent room for nursing, feeding and childcare routines, braille-enabled elevators, as well as color & intuitive wayfinding that supports neurodiversity, and aids in navigation throughout the space. We are excited about the office launch in 2023.

In the International Zone, we partnered with an external organization to complete an audit of our UK Disability Recruitment approach to improve our efforts in this community in three stages: education and training, implementation, and communication. The audit findings will guide our strategy moving forward to ensure true inclusion of current and future employees.

Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

BRGs play an important role in our culture and helping us advance our diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging efforts. These groups are employee led, and support culture, career, community, and business initiatives at Kraft Heinz.

Our BRGs in the North America Zone include:

  • Asian Pacific American (APA) BRG;
  • Black BRG;
  • Pride BRG;
  • Sabor BRG (for Latino/a/x & Hispanic employees);
  • Veterans BRG;
  • Women’s BRG.

Our BRGs in the International Zone include:

  • Gender Equality Network (GEN);
  • The 57 (general cultural awareness and employee connection);
  • Proudz (supporting LGBTQ+ employees);
  • Reconciliation Working Group – an Australian BRG dedicated to building and delivering a RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan), with the aim to strengthen relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous Australians.

To create a more diverse and inclusive organization, our Value, We demand diversity, is our north star around the globe and we challenge ourselves to bring this value to life every day. One way we do this is by continuing to invest in our BRGs so that they can provide a safe space for employees and allies to raise awareness of issues facing various communities, advocate for change in company policies and practices, as well as celebrate the rich diversity of our employees. Throughout the year, the BRGs had many accomplishments including our Reconciliation Working Group being recognized as a member of the Reconciliation Action Plan Network in Australia, the North America BRGs donating nearly $200,000 to local charities supporting historically marginalized communities, sponsoring a Workplace Pride Conference in Tokyo, hosting a cooking event for youth with disabilities in Thailand, participating in community activities such as the Bud Billiken Parade and Chicago AIDS Walk in Chicago, and BRG leaders completing a BRG Leadership Journey pilot in our International Zone.

As a leader in this space, we are looking forward to continuing to celebrate diversity, promote equity, and create spaces where employees feel comfortable being themselves.

2022 Key Awards & Recognition

North America Zone:

  • 100% on the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for the 4th year in a row. CEI rates corporate policies and practices for LGBTQI+ inclusion. Also received the designation: Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality;
  • Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, a modified market capitalization-weighted index that aims to track performance of public companies committed to gender-data reporting transparency;
  • Latino Equity 100 List, recognizing companies in Corporate America with outstanding DEI programs that impact Latino employees, vendors, and customers;
  • 2022 Forbes America’s Best Employers for Veterans;
  • 2022 Forbes Canada’s Best Employers.

International Zone:

  • Great Place to Work Certified – Netherlands, Australia, China, UK, Indonesia, Korea, Italy, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, Chile;
  • PRIDE Index Gold 2021-2022 – Japan, the highest level of achievement in the PRIDE Index program established in 2016 by “Work with Pride”;
  • Financial Times Diversity Leaders – Europe;
  • 100% on the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) – Mexico;
  • Top Scorer Food & Agriculture, Workplace Pride Global Benchmark, an online tool that measures the LGBTQI+ policies and practices of internationally active employers.

We also provide certain information regarding our DEI&B strategy, progress and related policies and principles in our Proxy Statements and Annual Reports, which are available at ir.kraftheinzcompany.com/proxy.