Healthy Living Recipes

As part of our continuous efforts to support the needs of today’s consumers to prepare, serve, and enjoy delicious snacks and meals, our culinary teams are developing new and innovative recipes. Our internal dietitians and nutritionists have established criteria to help consumers identify recipes which fit within relevant guidelines for healthy eating.

United States and Canada: Our websites in the United States (My Food and Family) and Canada (Kraft Canada) offer consumers the ability to find recipes tailored to their specific tastes and dietary needs. Our Healthy Living recipe collection features recipes that meet nutritional guidelines established by our registered dietitians. We plan to continue expanding our content to meet the diverse and changing needs of consumers.

Europe: The Kraft Heinz Nutrition Recipe Guidelines provide guidance in developing nutritious and balanced meals using Kraft Heinz products, while minimizing less desirable ingredients and promoting responsible portion sizes.

New Zealand: Our Food in a Minute from Wattie’s is one of New Zealand’s most popular recipe sites reaching approximately half the population every year. Focused on becoming the go-to resource for foodies and beginner cooks alike, our recipes are trend and insight driven and feature our wide variety of products. With hundreds of recipes for every occasion, from quick dinner ideas to meals for special occasions, Food in a Minute has something for everyone. We also have a ‘Healthier Pick’ recipe collection, which has been reviewed and assessed by our nutritionists and meets our requirements for energy, added sugar, sodium, saturated fat, fiber, and vegetable content. Our nutritional criteria are published online for consumers to access, in line with our commitments to transparency and supporting healthy living.