Food Safety & Quality

Kraft Heinz is a globally trusted producer of delicious foods. We are passionate about food safety and quality, and we will not compromise on it. Our Quality & Food Safety Management System gives us and our consumers a high level of confidence in the safety and quality of the food on our plates.

Our Best-in-Class Food Safety & Quality Systems

We implement a consistent, comprehensive food safety and product quality management process across our global supply chain. Through this, Kraft Heinz is committed to meeting regulatory compliance and industry standards. Our food safety and product quality management process has been designed by us for us. We utilize leading methodologies to ensure food is manufactured safely, complies with all applicable regulations, and meets or exceeds our own high-quality standards we’ve set for our products.

Our quality and food safety management system helps ensure our owned factories and our vendors are also compliant with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification (e.g., FSSC 22000). Many of our factories undergo third party audits and achieve third party certification to demonstrate this. Kraft Heinz also serves on the GFSI Steering Committee (alongside major producers and retailers), working through challenges to enable the GFSI objectives, including governance and technical working groups.

Focus on Excellence and Continuous Improvement

In order to ensure constant improvement of our food safety and product quality management system, we also monitor other external metrics including product recall, serious incidents, and consumer complaints. We are driving continuous improvement in our processes and systems which results in very high First Time Right scores and therefore reduces product waste.

Kraft Heinz Quality, Operations, and other functions are deploying a transformational management system focused on the principles of transforming the culture and mindset of our teams through best-in-class collaboration, teamwork, waste reduction, efficiency, and product safety.

We are continuously investing in quality and food safety processes and constantly improving our testing and controls as well as the reliability of our equipment. We are pioneers in deployment of advanced analytics and AI to predict and eliminate future failures and events potentially affecting product safety and waste.

Driving Compliance Beyond Industry Regulations and Standards

In order to drive compliance and food safety beyond industry standards, we established Golden and Platinum Rules that are part of our DNA. The level of compliance of our own sites and vendors we work with is continuously monitored and measured against these rules.