Growing a
Better World

Sustainable Business Practices

From our corporate governance and quality controls to the relationships we have nurtured with our growers and processors, the Kraft Heinz Company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, solid landfill waste and water consumption. We will continually strive to increase the use of renewable energy and find ways to make our company greener.

A Socially Responsible Global Food Company

In our factories, our Sustainability Process drives decreased energy consumption by installing new technologies and more efficient equipment while optimizing business and manufacturing processes. The Kraft Heinz Company also works with experts in the energy sector to assess facilities and identify potential energy-saving projects. The objective of these efforts is to identify and initiate opportunities to improve energy efficiency, which in turn can directly and indirectly help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Kraft Heinz Company has recognized that using less energy is not only better for the environment, it is smart business because it can help mitigate the financial impact of rising energy costs.

Every stage of our operations presents an opportunity to eliminate waste. We have been focused on finding many ways to reduce, reuse or recycle to divert solid waste from landfills.

Water is a vital resource for all Company operations worldwide. It is needed to grow tomatoes and many other crops that are key to our business. It is a crucial resource for the manufacturing process. The Kraft Heinz Company has implemented water conservation measures and evaluations globally to protect one of our earth’s most precious resources. We conserve water across a wide range of actions extending from recycling water and installing new technologies to upgrading water treatment plants.

The Kraft Heinz Company also recognizes that our growers and our manufacturing operations impact the planet and the consumption of water and energy. We encourage the adoption of drip irrigation, for example, in tomato growing because it delivers the precise amount of water the crop needs, when it needs it, where it needs it, thus minimizing irrigation waste.

Sustainability at Kraft Heinz

Community Involvement

The Kraft Heinz Company is dedicated to the sustainable health of our people, our planet and our Company. Through partnerships with Stop Hunger Now and Feeding America, we have provided more than 2 billion servings of food to those in need.